5,000lb Scales

5,000 lb Floor Scales

Your daily weighing tasks are about to get a whole lot simpler with our professionally engineered 5000-lb floor scales. Manufactured using the highest quality steel, our floor pallet scales are rough and ready for intensive daily use, making them an ideal addition to any warehouse, commercial, or factory workplace. The design aims for ease of use. Our floor pallet scales are each outfitted with a 1’’ bright LED display for clear and accurate results, along with a simple quick-connect power system for easy installation. They’re also designed to be low maintenance and have low impact, so they don’t eat up unnecessary time or space. Time and energy are valuable commodities in the industrial sector, so use our line of Pinnacle industrial floor scales to keep your weighing tasks quick and efficient. Our specialists are waiting to answer any questions you have about our 5000-pound floor scales. Call us at 888-727-1146 to begin your order, or place it online. All scales are shipped for free in 24 hours or less!