4' x 4' Floor Scales

4'x'4 Industrial Digital Scales

The perfect size for pallets and skids, our Pinnacle 4’x4’ floor scales have been expertly manufactured to create game-changing tools for your warehouse, commercial, or factory setting. These high-grade steel scales feature a heavy-duty diamond tread and four steel load cells to withstand 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of whatever you can throw on it. A key feature of our industrial digital scales is their convenient design. Every scale comes with a quick-connect cable for easy installation and a top-access junction box that displays accurate weights on a 1” LED display. These scales are manufactured to take up as little space as necessary. Our industrial digital scales make quick work out of laborious and time-intensive weighing tasks and are sure to speed up your workday. Order your 4’x4’ floor scale today, or call one of our specialists at 888-727-1146. We ship all orders for free within a day!